Houston art advisor working with artists, building significant value for their work, through evaluation, selection, and thoughtful presentation. 

Free Art Services for Artists: 


Web presence on Art Flow, evaluations, e mail lists, promotions, exhibitions, and events for selected artists, with a 20% commission on works sold apportioned to Art Flow for services. Events are usually held at the artist's studio or third party venues and associated galleries. For more details please contact Art Flow



Available Art Services for Collectors:

Evaluations: Advice on individual pieces and collections, for re-sale, cataloging, and inventory purposes, with recommendations for collectors to find accredited qualified art appraisers when needed


Please click here for a link to some basic information about fine art evaluations and appraisals.

                         please note: D. M. ALLISON is not an appraisal entity but works with appraisers that are members of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), and the Appraisers Association of America (AAA), Appraisals are written in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional  Appraisal Practice  (USPAP) when required.


Review and Direct: Review your collection with an area expert and select from Houston's top galleries, and artists' studios. 

Visualization Services: See what the artworks look like in your home before we have them delivered. We photograph the proposed installation areas and can give our clients a very good idea about what their choices will look like before delivery.  While not necessary in many instances, with larger works this is recommended.

Delivery and Installation:  Delivery and installation services are  arranged with galleries and independent artist's studios with qualified insured art handling services.

Contact:  d. m. allison / dmallisonart@gmail.com / 4414 Yupon St. Houston TX 77006 

Dan Mitchell Allison  (click here for more)

Beginning in 1994 as director of Barbara Davis Gallery Pennziol Building, Allison was owner of Texas Print Collaborative at Redbud Gallery, owner of Nau-haus Gallery, and owner of  d. m. allison gallery Colquitt St.  located on Houston's Gallery Row through September of 2016. Allison served on the boards of Houston's Women's Caucus for the Arts (1984), Lawndale Art and Performance (1988), The Art League of Houston (1987), Art Lies Magazine (1995), and curated public art exhibitions for HWCA, National Organization of Women, One and Two Houston Center. He was a founding board member of Art Lies Magazine attaining their 501-C3 Status, and Artist Rescue Mission (attained 501-C3 Status) - 75 solo exhibitions between 1976 and 1996 including the National Museum of Belgrade, Mexicarte Museum - Austin Texas, the PARCO galleries in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagasaki Japan (1990), and solo gallery exhibitions in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Torinno Italy, and Berlin Germany.