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My work reflects a need to invent and evolve.  I like to move through things and onto others and then come back through again in a new way.  I was a ceramic sculptor for about ten years.  In about 1980, I made the transition to using a number of media making sculpture, installations, and performances.  My work has almost always been figurative in one way or another.  Readings have run the gamut from the literal autobiographical to more universal ruminations on themes from the world of ideas.


As early as I can remember, I knew that I wanted to be an artist.  That has remained consistent in my life since I was hand painting china with my grandmother when I was six years old.


My idea of what an artist is and what they do has evolved allot.  When I was a kid I wanted to animate for Walt Disney.  As a young man, I wanted to emulate the western artists like Charlie Russell.  In college, I learned of Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Conceptual, Process, and Minimal art.  Now I guess it’s Postmodernism?  I think that I have taken something from all these experiences as well as life and the more popular culture.


I work with my hands and my head.  Really, I guess, in a sort of antique way.  I usually don’t know where I am going or exactly what I am going to make until I establish some sort of dialog between my process or materials and my ideas or subject matter.  I can’t really say that one comes before the other.  In fact, when things are working best, I am really transported somewhere else doing something that I could never have imagined or planned.


Ken Little 2012

Large Bronzes and Installations

Small Bronzes and Other Works

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