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    Houston TX  based artist Kelly Moran opens her forth in a series of solo exhibitions at d. m. allison gallery (formerly Nau-haus Art in the Heights) and continues to make comment through comparison following her exhibitions "Beg Borrow and Steal"  in 2010, "American Dreamer" In 2012, and "New Works" in 2014, with her latest offering "Only Human." Moran pursues her exploration of mixed media collage in combinations of intaglio, digital printing, and carved wood surfaces, all relating back to core valuations established for more than a decade as an associate printmaker at the Texas Collaborative printmaking studio. 


   Moran offers a mixed bag of happy urban myth and late American culture POP to be sure, but at the same time the work is so well executed that one wants to stop and think it all over. Moran takes advantage of an omnipotent time frame while jumping gender fences, and looking back at "the way we were" just far enough in the past to clue us into the fact that the human chemistry found in her works is universal. Moran excels at making the complex planning and process oriented work look inspired and of the moment. Her images are gleaned from the internet junk heap, vintage magazines and advertising, while working in woodcuts, lino-cuts, and some parts created with the latest digital technology and archival digital printing. 

"American Dreamer" 2011 "Beg, Borrow and Steal" 

"Only Human" Sept. 12 - Oct. 17, 2015

Kelly Moran exhiobition Jan. 5 - Feb. 1,  2014

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