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Peter Massing /

Drawing is the primary focus in my art and is suitable for various methods in lithography and intaglio. Relief printing requires a reduction of the plane or surface of the plate or block that presents a different way to draw. With relief the drawing is developed using a carving tool or gage rather than a grease crayon or etching needle. The process is in many ways reversed and requires more planning and preparation for printing. The unique qualities I find working in relief expand my mark making vocabulary by carving and chipping away at the surface of the printing block. The block can then be printed in relief or by intaglio. The results are unique and integrate varied printing processes in order to make hybrid prints or multiples. The drawing or key image changes radically. I find reduction printing to be demanding and requires giving up how I am accustomed to draw tone and pattern. The process dictates a “cause and effect” approach for making pictures. The results are characteristically unique to the process. 

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